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Bringing Out Your Natural, Dazzling Smile

A beautiful smile is one the most important elements when making a positive first impression. Chipped, stained, or crooked teeth hide away the true beauty of your smile. DentPlus Dental proudly helps the residents of Providence, Rhode Island, and surrounding areas, fix damaged teeth. Our cosmetic dentistry services offer immediate and dramatic results without downtime or intense preparation.

Hand Holding a White Tooth

Brightening Your Smile

When you want the perfect smile, both teeth whitening and veneers are excellent options. To remove discoloration from stained or aging teeth, we perform a cutting-edge whitening process that's performed either at our office in just under an hour or provided as an in-home treatment kit. If you're looking for a more custom look, veneers are the perfect option. With color, length, and even shape options available, these thin porcelain shells are specially crafted to fit over your teeth to give them an impeccable appearance in just two visits.

Creating the Perfect Shape

Whether needing a crown to top off a filling or looking to repair cosmetic flaws with dental bonding, our office gives your teeth a shape that looks natural when you smile. Our crowns are ideal for capping off excess fillings, thanks to their porcelain shine that reflects light with a healthy glow and lack of dark metal lines. For other areas of the tooth that may have damage, we utilize dental bonding—a special tooth-like material for affordable, quick fixes that look, act, and feel like a real tooth.

Reclaiming Your Lost Smile

If you've got old crowns, bridges, or inlays that have seen better days or are made from inferior metals, getting them replaced with new porcelain restorations. The difference you'll see from metal-free restorations will be both immediate and dramatic.

More Than A Smile

A recent addition to our services, Botox™ and dermal fillers are excellent ways of enhancing your appearance. Erase fine lines and fill in deeper ones to take years off of your face.