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Have a Full Set Of Teeth At Any Age

DentPlus Dental offers residents of Providence, Rhode Island, and the surrounding areas, a way to restore teeth that've been lost to aging or injuries. We offer both full and partial dentures, filling in the gaps or creating an entirely new set of teeth depending on your individual situation. While dentures offer a noticeable cosmetic improvement to your facial appearance and smile, they also serve important functions within your mouth. Dentures improve both chewing ability and speech while providing important support to facial muscles that have always relied on your natural teeth.


Getting a Brand New Smile With Full Dentures

A full set of dentures is required when there are no teeth left in the mouth. This is usually caused by natural causes, and often times surgery is required for a completely smooth mouth. These dentures come in "immediate" or "conventional" options according to when they are made and inserted into the mouth. In addition, an over-denture is another option for those missing a significant number of teeth. These types are removable and simply lay over natural teeth or implants that have already been prepared to support them.

Immediate Versus Conventional

The main difference between immediate and conventional dentures is the time at which they are placed in the mouth after surgery. Immediate dentures are made from measurements taken during a preliminary visit and are placed on the gums right after surgery. This gives you immediate access to the benefits of having a full set of teeth, but gums and bones often shrink, and these dentures can require rebasing and relining to fit properly. Conventional dentures are made after surgery and are applied once the healing period of 6-8 weeks has ended, so you'll likely never need any changes after the first casting.

Filling In the Gaps

Removable partial dentures are usually made from a metal framework that supports replacement teeth attached to pink or gum-colored plastic bases. This type of denture utilizes metal clasps or devices called precision attachments to hold itself in place with your natural teeth. The precision attachments are preferable, though more expensive, as they are very difficult to see, but they blend perfectly, giving your smile natural beauty. Crowns help improve the fit of these dentures and are often required when implementing this type of attachment.